[Samba] Complicated question

Jason Baker jbaker at glastender.com
Thu Jan 11 22:49:56 GMT 2007

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I 
just put together a PDC using Samba. I have given users the ability to 
change their passwords (once every 7 days) if they wish. I used to keep 
a list of usernames and passwords in a spread-sheet, so I could keep 
track of the servers that I needed to update with the correct password 
if anything changed. That being said. What do I do about authentication 
if I want to add a NAS? I basically won't know what user's passwords are 
and if/when they change them. How do I allow them access to the NAS 
shares with the proper permissions, while still maintaining the 
flexibility of allowing them to change their passwords?

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