[Samba] Re: users can't write to a subset of mounted directories

David Mebane mebane at gatech.edu
Sat Jan 6 00:38:36 GMT 2007

I'll tell you what -- I now think this is a server issue, since I have the exact
same problem with write access in root.  However, I am still stumped.  Any


Original message:


I am connecting to an NT server via a Linux client.  I am mounting the drive on
the client via the following in smbfstab:

//server/Users /home/dm215/Desktop/SambaBringover smbfs

It works fine except the local user uid=1000 cannot write to certain
directories.  The initial directory (//server/Users) is writable by 1000, but
only one of the subdirectories is!  It is actually the directory tree I use most
often.  I think that this has not always been the case, but I can't figure out
what happened.  It is not an issue on the server side.

Thanks for any help.


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