[Samba] Migrating Windows Machine Accounts fron Active Directory win2k

Ruben Tato rtato at bayesinf.com
Tue Feb 27 17:53:36 GMT 2007


I'm migrating from a Windows2000 Active Directory Domain Master to
Samba. I copied the Domain SID from the windows Master to the Samba one,
everything works ok, but I want to do the following: 

I can join the machines to the Samba domain using a Domain Admin user,
and the Machines Accounts are created ok in the LDAP,  but what I want
to do is to set up the machine accounts in LDAP and be able to log into
the domain without "rejoining" the domain again from the workstations, I
mean, disconnect the Windows Master Browser and reaplace it with the
SAMBA Master Browser, without workstations modification, by creating
this accounts in LDAP.

I think is related with the sambaSamAccount ,etc atributes but I don't
know how to setup this values so the machine is able to join the domain
as thinking is been not Domain Master change.


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