[Samba] Samba PDC and Win2k PDC

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Wed Feb 28 16:54:02 GMT 2007

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On 02/26/2007 09:26 AM, Stefan Weber wrote:
> hi,
> I would like to change the old windows 2000 domain structure 
> into one samba 3 domain. the migration is to take place
> gradually for the departments. I had imagined to packing the
> samba pdc with another domain name into the same subnetz as
> windows pdc.
> Windows 2k DN = work.wurst.local
> Samba 3 DN = work.wurst.de
> IP Subnet = (Samba and Windows)
> is it possible ?

	IHMO, yes. Without the entire picture it becomes hard to
confirm that, but as I would imagine it, yes, it should be
possible to add a PDC in another Domain and move your workstantions
gradually to the new domain. You will need to check how would you
share the files and printers while you have two domains, maybe a
InterTrust Domain can help, maybe just a set of ACLs and special

> thank
> stefan

	Kind regards,

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