[Samba] Move a Samba PDC from Solaris to Linux

Roman Bigler roeme at roeme.ch
Tue Feb 27 14:40:11 GMT 2007

> Hello,
> we want to move our Samba PDC controller from a Solaris (2.8)  
> machine to
> a Linux (CentOS4.4) machine.
> We have the following plan (on both servers is Samba installed. We use
> the passdb-backend smbpasswd):
> 1) Stop Samba on the Solaris machine
> 2) Copy all machine accounts from Solaris /etc/passwd to Linux /etc/ 
> passwd
> 3) Copy the following files from Solaris to Linux:
>  samba/private/*
>  samba/conf/smb.conf
>  samba/var/locks/*.tdb
> 4) Poweroff the Solaris machine
> 5) Change the name of the Linux machine (to the name of the Solaris  
> machine)
> 6) Start Samba on the Linux machine
> Will that work? Are the tdb files platform independent? After the  
> move are all
> Windows clients still in the windows-domain?

I don't know if the tdb files are platform independent(I assume they  
are, referring to http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba-technical/2004- 
March/034778.html), but with the migration described above, you can  
go back anyway. I'd suggest you test your new server with one or  
several clients, and if it fails, go back. Of course, that might  
require a scheduled downtime, but judging by the migration plan  
described above, you'll need that anyway...


> Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Ralf
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