[Samba] Move a Samba PDC from Solaris to Linux

Ralf Aumüller Ralf.Aumueller at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Feb 27 13:50:46 GMT 2007


we want to move our Samba PDC controller from a Solaris (2.8) machine to
a Linux (CentOS4.4) machine.

We have the following plan (on both servers is Samba installed. We use
the passdb-backend smbpasswd):

1) Stop Samba on the Solaris machine
2) Copy all machine accounts from Solaris /etc/passwd to Linux /etc/passwd
3) Copy the following files from Solaris to Linux:
4) Poweroff the Solaris machine
5) Change the name of the Linux machine (to the name of the Solaris machine)
6) Start Samba on the Linux machine

Will that work? Are the tdb files platform independent? After the move are all
Windows clients still in the windows-domain?


Best regards,


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