[Samba] 8.3 short names question

jancio_wodnik at wp.pl jancio_wodnik at wp.pl
Tue Feb 27 07:54:44 GMT 2007

Dave Abouav pisze:
> I have a Samba server installed on FreeBSD (latest releases of both), 
> and an old Windows application that uses the 8.3 short names in 
> directory listings. I have the problem that the 8.3 file names 
> returned are quite strange, and hardly resemble the originals. Some 
> examples:
> "Hy Energy" -> "HIl81N~K"
> "5700_files" -> "5s2IOA~P"
> "KWJ ENG" -> "KA7YD3_N"
> "CPS-100" -> ""  (blank)
> I used an Ethereal trace to verify that these are indeed the short 
> file names coming from the server (in the Trans2 FindFirst2 response). 
> This seems to affect both directory names and files. I have no 
> problems with long file names.
> The files were originally created on a Windows PC, and were then 
> copied to my FreeBSD machine by putting them onto an external USB hard 
> drive, and then mounting this hard drive on the FreeBSD box.
> Any idea why the 8.3 names are so weird? Is this typical for Samba 
> now? I can open the files no problem, but it will be a pain for my 
> engineer to figure out which file is which.
> Thanks,
> Dave

I have exactly the same problem, but i use samba with linux

Any infos are welcome !


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