[Samba] 8.3 short names question

Dave Abouav dave at transducertech.com
Tue Feb 27 01:16:51 GMT 2007

I have a Samba server installed on FreeBSD (latest releases of both), 
and an old Windows application that uses the 8.3 short names in 
directory listings. I have the problem that the 8.3 file names returned 
are quite strange, and hardly resemble the originals. Some examples:

"Hy Energy" -> "HIl81N~K"
"5700_files" -> "5s2IOA~P"
"KWJ ENG" -> "KA7YD3_N"
"CPS-100" -> ""  (blank)

I used an Ethereal trace to verify that these are indeed the short file 
names coming from the server (in the Trans2 FindFirst2 response). This 
seems to affect both directory names and files. I have no problems with 
long file names.

The files were originally created on a Windows PC, and were then copied 
to my FreeBSD machine by putting them onto an external USB hard drive, 
and then mounting this hard drive on the FreeBSD box.

Any idea why the 8.3 names are so weird? Is this typical for Samba now? 
I can open the files no problem, but it will be a pain for my engineer 
to figure out which file is which.


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