[Samba] Samba + Bonding = Terrible Performance

Eric Bambach ebambach at star.niu.edu
Sun Feb 25 05:17:17 GMT 2007

Eric Bambach wrote:
> Charles Marcus wrote:
>> Mark Rutherford wrote:
>>> Have you tried changing 'socket options' in your smb.conf file?
>>> You may need to tune that for your setup, it does make a difference 
>>> at least in a system with 1 NIC in it.
>>> However, I have no experience with bonding and Samba.
>> Actually, with the newer 2.6 kernels, it is recommended to completely 
>> remove these settings.
>> I'd try that first...
> Ok. Just got some time to take the server(s) down and play with them. 
> Here are some results.
> Completely commented socket options line = No change
> Changed bonding mode from 0(no switch support needed) to 4 (IEEE 
> 802.3ad mode ) = No change
> I was hopeful because the bonding development lists said mode 0 can 
> cause massive packet reordering on the clients. But even with a 
> standards compliant bonding mode there was no change :(
> Furthermore, it seems that this problem is only from the Debian Linux 
> Samba Server to the Mac clients. From the server to a PC is not 
> affected regardless of the number of cards involved (1 or 2). I may 
> take this issue to Apple forums if nobody has any ideas since it seems 
> to be a very specific interaction between OS X, bonding, and Samba.
> Any other suggestions?
Issue resolved.

At terminal on the mac

sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0

For some reason with samba and bonding delaying acks was causing a huge 

Now to get this onto my Mac image and out to 30 clients :)

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