[Samba] Windows 98 caching too much

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Fri Feb 23 23:48:55 GMT 2007

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
> We have an old Win98 box at work that is used for programming GALs and 
> EEPROMs, however we find that if the file is modified on the Unix side the 
> Win98 box doesn't notice. This is rather annoying when you are iterating a 
> design as you can imagine!
> One work around is to open a DOS box and 'type' the file - this seems to force 
> it to re-get the file.

You didn't specify what kind of Unix your "Unix Side" is.  There's some 
special kernel magic required for Unix Kernel and Oplocks to co-exist 
peacefully.  I would guess this is what your missing.

Asside from trying to get that special magic sauce working, your best 
bet will be to either disable oplocks entirely (not a bad idea overall) 
*or* mount the smb/cifs file system on the unix side and modify through 

Oplocks  (Opportunistic Locks) means that if the client is the only one 
accessing a file, it caches the data locally and re-uploads the file at 
a later time.  If a second client needs to access the same file, the 
server will send a request to the first client demanding that it flushes 
the file and relinquishes the exclusive lock... By modifying the file 
directly, you are by-passing that mechanism.

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