[Samba] Windows 98 caching too much

Daniel O'Connor darius at dons.net.au
Mon Feb 26 10:31:34 GMT 2007

On Saturday 24 February 2007 10:18, Rashkae wrote:
> > One work around is to open a DOS box and 'type' the file - this seems to
> > force it to re-get the file.
> You didn't specify what kind of Unix your "Unix Side" is.  There's some
> special kernel magic required for Unix Kernel and Oplocks to co-exist
> peacefully.  I would guess this is what your missing.

It is FreeBSD 6.2. I don't have this problem with Windows XP machines, only 
this Win98 system.

> Asside from trying to get that special magic sauce working, your best
> bet will be to either disable oplocks entirely (not a bad idea overall)
> *or* mount the smb/cifs file system on the unix side and modify through
> Samba.

Not possible because all of the files are on a FreeBSD UFS2 partition :)

> Oplocks  (Opportunistic Locks) means that if the client is the only one
> accessing a file, it caches the data locally and re-uploads the file at
> a later time.  If a second client needs to access the same file, the
> server will send a request to the first client demanding that it flushes
> the file and relinquishes the exclusive lock... By modifying the file
> directly, you are by-passing that mechanism.

I don't believe the person is modifying the file behind Samba's back. They're 
using Windows to edit the file so it should work fine.

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