[Samba] Map ACL Inherit affecting directories, not files

Edward L. Hannaford elhannaford at psfinc.com
Fri Feb 23 23:39:31 GMT 2007

I've been experimenting with the Map ACL Inherit = yes parameter along
with Posix ACLs and found some odd behavior.  Within Windows XP I create
a directory, Level1, and set Full Control permissions to a group,
TestGroup.  I then create a directory underneath Level1, Level2.  I also
create a file within Level1, test.txt.  I then go back and change the
permissions that TestGroup has to Level1 to Read (only).
The Level2 directory has its permissions changed appropriately, such
that TestGroup has Read (only) permissions to it.  However, test.txt
isn't changed; its permissions remain Full Control.
Is the Map ACL Inherit = yes parameter supposed to only affect
directories or should it also affect files?
Edward L. Hannaford

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