[Samba] Problem with Samba Authentication

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Thu Feb 22 17:36:25 GMT 2007

> Hi, i have installed a PDC authenticated with LDAP in a network with Linux and 
> Win XP hosts. My intention is to authenticate (throught TLS) every user or at 
> least the machines wich are trying to get access to the resources. LDAP and 
> Samba are in the same machine so the communication is by the 389 port. 
> Besides, LDAP communication with the network is by ldap ssl. 
> I have tried a lot of configurations, but i have not found the right one. I 
> want that every Win host sends a TLS certificate to Samba in order to the 
> server to authenticate them, and if it fails, the user could not log into the 
> machine.
> I have to say that with Linux hosts it is working the way i want. So the TLS 
> configuration in LDAP is right.

Windows is not UNIX;  it works the way Windows works, not the way you
want it to work.  If you want to authenticate Windows user's against an
LDAP DSA you must setup Samba as a PDC and join the machines to the

> Anyone knows if i can get this? 


> or even better, Can anyone tell me wich would 
> be the basic configuration options to get it?

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