[Samba] RE: Domain logins across subnets

John Paul jdppm7 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 14:14:28 GMT 2007

Thanks for the reply.

The DC is acting as a WINS server and all clients are assigned the WINS server 
via DHCP. I've even statically assigned the WINS server and it does not work. 
Name resolution works properly, so I don't think this could be the problem.

Again, thanks.

> I have had this problem even with a MS Windows DC.  I now have a OSX
> Panther server as my DC.  If you don't have a WINS server then you
> need to create a lmhosts file on each workstation.
> Test it with one client and put the lmhosts file in the
> c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc folder
> There is one there already called lmhosts.sam so just take the file
> extension off then add this line to the bottom
> DC ip address	registered name		domain name
>	dom-controller	#PRE #DOM:my-domain
> Mine is 129.???.???.???	Cancer	#PRE  #DOM:cruk
> This is on evevery PC anyway whether its on my subnet or not and it
> works.
> Other people will come up with other suggestions but you'll spend
> hours at them and they probably wont work cos I did 8 years ago!
> Regards
> Paul

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