[Samba] Samba 3 PDC with Vista clients

malk at sidehack.sat.gweep.net malk at sidehack.sat.gweep.net
Wed Feb 14 03:10:08 GMT 2007

I searched around and couldn't get a clear answer on a Samba 3 PDC and the
ability to have a Vista "business edition" client:

1. Join the Samba 3 PDC domain for single sign-on.
2. Access Samba 3 PDC controlled shares

I read that as of Samba 3.0.21 or so that NTLMv2 works well with Vista
computers (which default to only NTLMv2) so they can work with Samba
provided shares.  This is great and I hope is true.  I also read that
Vista can be told to allow older Lan Manager protcol versions to talk to
older samba setups which is great also -- but I'm thinking I won't need
to worry about that as I'm running very recent Samba 3 on my PDC's.

What I couldn't determine is if a Vista box could be joined to a Samba 3
controlled domain much the same way I know an XP pro box can be joined w/
the standard "change computer name" dialog in the "system" area of 
control panel.

I realize Samba 3 does not do active directory as a primary domain controller
which is fine -- I would like to make sure it's ok for someone planning to
buy some windows desktops to go with Vista if they need to (due to XP
possibly not being available), but want to be absolutely certain the new
boxes can easily be joined to a samba controlled domain.  If there's 
issues, then I will up the priority to get XP pro new boxes so we know
they can join the domain.

It's my understanding Samba 4 will do active directory as a PDC, but I'm
guessing Samba 4 isn't ready for production use / development isn't done.

Any info would be appreciated (success stories w/ recent releases of
Samba 3 w/ Vista domain members) and I apologize if this has already
been answered / discussed on the Samba mailing lists.

Thank you.

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