[Samba] Samba Authenitcation Via Active Directroy

Toby Bluhm tkbsmb at midwestinstruments.com
Fri Feb 16 13:20:44 GMT 2007

Brijesh Shukla wrote:
> Hi Samba/Active directory List
> Can any one please let me know, how can i authenticate a user on Samba
> Machine via Active Directory.
> Let me describe my question in more detail.
> I have Active directory as a domain controller on widows 2003 Server 
> on the
> same network I have Linux machine that is
> running the Samba server under the domain contrller of Active Directory.
> I have list of registerd user on Active directory but all of them is not
> having the account on Samba machine, how can
> rest of the user who is not having linux account on Samba machine can 
> access
> the shared folder on Linux (Samba server).
> Example, if x, y, z are the registerd user on Active directory and in the
> same Domian I have Samba server.
> I have created an account for x (Add user ) in Linux Samba machine, 
> now x is
> able to access the samba server
> from any machine to linux. but rest of the other user (Y and Z) can not
> access the Samba server thoug they are
> registerd in Active directory as the same previlege ad X. Suppose If i 
> have
> a 1000 of account in Active directory
> then I have to create 1000 of account in Samba server to make them 
> eligible
> to access shared folder on Linux is it the case....
> While in windows-XP enviroment and one of the registerd user in Active
> Directory can access any one Machine in same domain..
> Kindly teach me...
> Thanks & Regards
> Brijesh Shukla

You will need to configure winbind.

Have you reviewed the docs at samba.org?

Official HowTo Collection - Chapter 2 Domain Member Server, Chapter 14 
Identity Mapping.
Samba3 By Example - Chapter 7 Adding Domain Member Servers and Clients



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