[Samba] SID trouble..

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Feb 16 09:55:10 GMT 2007

we had a major crash with out samba servers today.
trouble lied with the SID's and trustdomainaccounts,

here is some problem, 'net getlocalsid' gave back an error
'can't fetch domain sid for name: WALDORF'   ??

Waldorf is the netbios name, not the domain ??
i thought localsid is the SID for the samba server name, not the domain ??

'net getlocalsid <DOMAIN>' does get the right domain sid. but not the 
SID for the server itself

also i had a security context stack overflow ?!?!?! (panic action and 
core dumps.. arggggg)
all of a sudden, my PDC started looking for a trusted domain, 'JORDANET'
witch is the domain name it is serving him self ??

after this, i deleted all the TDB files (include the secret.tdb)
did a net rpc join, and a NET RPC GETSID against the BDC, and all worked 
fine again ??  (-S<BDC>)

dunno, we did not changed a thing in our setup, and the PDC was running 
for 5 day's straight. ??
so i find it kinda strange it stopped running all of a sudden, an 
started to nag about trusted domains and all ??

hope this isn't going to be a regular problem, did someone had simulair 
trouble before ???



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