[Samba] Gentoo+OpenLDAP+Gentoo

colton at borran.com colton at borran.com
Fri Feb 16 07:25:49 GMT 2007

Hey All,

    I'm trying to get a gentoo server setup running as a PDC for my 
office that I work for. I have followed the following HOWTO exactly... 
http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_LDAP_SAMBA_PDC and on step 4-4.2 
it fails. I have followed everything from that HOWTO exactly, although I 
did have to add one single change...

    When I got to the step where I'm supposed to start samba, it was 
failing. By doing some research online, I found that I needed to add the 
following line into the /etc/samba/smb.conf file.

winbind nested groups = no

When I tried to start samba the first time, it kept failing. When I did 
some research, I found a forum which said that fixed he problem... and 
it indeed did. The problem I am having right now, so that the windows 
system following  step 4-4.2 does not work. I get an error back...

----------------------- Start Error ------------------------------------
Your computer could not be joined to the domain because of the following 
error has occured:

The user name could not be found.
----------------------- End Error ------------------------------------

If I log in and just try to access the fileshares, it works fine. I can 
see my home directory fine, but when trying to join the domain, it fails.
On the PDC I am running wireshark and I can see the "SAM LOGIN" 
requests, but something weird I found with them was that the User Name: 
field in the packet was either the machine name "TESTINGBOX$" or it was 
blank. If never passed the user name I entered "cjamieson".

The domain/workgroup I am using is set to  "borran"
The test user I added is "cjamieson"
The samba NETBIOS name is "PDC"

I am running this in VMWare to evaluate how well of solution samba+ldap 
is for our office. So far I have been getting no help from #samba on 
freenode, so I was suggest by #samba-technical to contact the mailing lists.
Does anyone have experiance with this, or have some information which 
could help me get this figured out?

Please and Thank you VERY much to anyone who can help.


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