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Daniel Müller schrieb:
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> Is there a plan in the future to have a central administration within the samba package?

i don't know if there is a plan to include a central administration
within the samba package. But there are enough possibilites to manage
samba with 3rd party - comfortable. usrmngr from NT4 is a possibility
and works like a charm if all commands in the config are configured
correctly. If you do use an LDAP setup you could e.g. do this with
ldapscripts or smbldap-tools - examples are included.

Other way around there is: LAM, phpldapadmin, GoSA, where the last one
may be the advanced solution for managing samba. Okay, i see everything
needs a working LDAP setup.

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> Betreff: [Samba] user add script, machine add script
>> I am using samba 3.024 on a suse 9.3 workstation.Everythings is working as
>> it should but add users with the add user script from Microsofts usrmngr
>> and Machines with the srvmgr from Win clients.
>> The funny is I can add, delete groups put users into groups.
>> Did someone manage this?
>> greetings 
>> Daniel
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