[Samba] Windows: Forcing a Guest Login.

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Wed Feb 14 20:26:35 GMT 2007

Matthew Fowle wrote:
> There are two hacks for this issue:
> 1. demote to share level security, which windows consumes differently.
> 2. "map to guest" option to default failed logins to guest.
> These hacks have issues:
> #1 massively reduces the functionality of samba.
> #2 is viable, however i've found users' often end up logged in as
> guest when they intended to login as a user.  this is a severely
> suboptimal hack.
I'm not sure why this is bad.  I have shares that I maintain as a 
service to my users and myself.  E.g:  \\conan\installers\ is where I 
keep the stuff I want to be able to install from.  (You have no idea how 
many CD's I lost before I started doing this.  Left them in the client 
computer...) I'm the only person who has write access to it. everyone 
has read access to it, so that my witfull users can service themselves.  
(A small subset of users...)
\\conan\apps is where I part applications that are handy, but not used 
much.  Normally a guest share is one that is read only for those users.  
I need an example where a guest should have write access that isn't 
inviting trouble down the line.
> the nub of the issue is that /Windows/ needs some way of being able to
> connect as guest.  to the best of my knowledge though, the
> fuckassedbitchcunts at microsoft have not provided any measures for
> this absolutely basic procedure: logging in as a guest.  someone
> please dear lord tell me i am wrong?

Question:  Apache can pretend to be several different hostnames as a 
Can samba be trained to be several different servers?

If so, then you could have two virtual servers on one host.  One of the 
servers could have security = domain, the other security = share.

Perhaps this approach can be implemented right now by using ipaliasing.

Suppose that your server is Aardvark, and it's ip address is
Add an entry to DNS for Aardvarkshare and give it an ip of
On Aardvark, add an ipalias for

Now, duplicate your present smb.conf file;  The original, take out the 
public shares.
On the copy take out the passworded shares, and give it a different 
netbios name.
In both add an interface line with the appropriate ip address.

Smbd for the second file needs to be started as smbd -s {new conf file name}

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