[Samba] Windows: Forcing a Guest Login.

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Feb 15 01:57:27 GMT 2007

> Clearly the samba clients have some concept of being a guest, of
> logging in anonymously.  I just wish i could replicate this "known
> unknown" username in windows.

That's an interesting point - what username do the Samba clients
connect as?  Is it just a null string?

> I wish for a way to get windows to try to connect anonymously, to
> connect as a guest, not as a user named Guest.

IIRC this is what Win9x does.  If your username and password don't
work, it connects anonymously.  The problem with this is that when you
access a server and you want to log on with a different username you
can't, because Win9x goes ahead and connects anonymously, never giving
you a chance to enter in a different username.

The only way this would work is if the XP username/password box popped
up on the screen as it does now, but there was an extra button or
something for "connect as a guest" - but then I guess you could emulate
that behaviour as we discussed above by creating an account called
Guest - not as nice but it should do the same job.


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