[Samba] Installing Windows XP printer drivers onto Samba 3.0.24

Marc Balmer marc at msys.ch
Tue Feb 13 16:50:23 GMT 2007

John Drescher wrote:
> Thanks for posting back.
>> we just found the all to stupid problem...
>> net -U root rpc grant 'DOM\user' SePrintOperatorPrivilege
>> did the job.
> I tried that a couple of times for different users with and without
> the domain name and it did not help.
> Are you using ldap? Is your security domain? Is this printing box also
> the domain controller?
> My answers to these questions are: yes, yes and no.

Our setup is a simple samba domain member server that acts as a print
server.  no ldap, no domain controller.

it works now and this is what we did:

create a printadmin user on the PDC and granting this account the

add the user to the member (print) server (we need that because we
don't have nsswitch/ldap).  create a storage for the drivers that
is writeable by printadmin.

now we can manage the printers from window, add drivers and such.
there is one point to keep in mind when installing a new driver:
change the default settings before hitting OK, or bad things
can happen.  this has to do with the default device mode.

so, sigh, two days of mind boggling, and everything only because we
wanted to get rid of CUPS ;)

- m.

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