[Samba] Any chance to make Samba pass full path into external dfree instead of ./?

Alexander forsmb at mail.ru
Tue Feb 13 14:15:33 GMT 2007

Hi list,

At the moment I'm struggling with a problem when Samba returns 0 free space for share which is in fact a reexported NFS automount point (in fact df also returns zero here, so that's not a Samba fault, just a configuration specifics).
One way around is usage of external dfree routine, which is mentioned in manuals. I've almost managed this config to work by developing some script which devises the full path using PID of smbd instance it is called by and smbstatus utility, but there's a fundamental problem - one smbd can have several files opened in different shares. Using my approach it is impossible to find out which share is being accessed at each particular moment.
Therefore I'm trying other possibilities and this is one of them - can I somehow tune the sourcecode in order to get full path passed to external dfree? I've undertaken a short dig into sources and it seems to me possible, but it would be great to get an answer from Samba developers - in order for me not to waste the time just to come up to the fact it is impossible... So, any comments and suggestions on how to do that are welcome. I'm open to provide any additional details which may help.


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