[Samba] Installing Windows XP printer drivers onto Samba 3.0.24

Marc Balmer marc at msys.ch
Tue Feb 13 14:13:35 GMT 2007

dear samba users

I have been searching the online documents, howtos and such yet I did 
not find an answer to my question/problem, so if you have any hints for 
me that would be much appreciated....:

We are trying since two days to install Windows XP printer drivers from 
the "Add Printer Wizzard" in Windows onto a Samba 3.0.24 installation.

We created the [print$] share as recommended, created a user that is in 
the printer admin list in smb.conf (and that has write access to the 
driver store).  When installing a driver, we get an obscure error 
message that a printer driver can not be added because some permission 
is denied.

In the samba machine, the Windows machine created some directories in 
the driver store area named "__SKIP......".

This drives me slowly, but surely, nuts...

- Marc Balmer

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