[Samba] PDC appears to be BDC in server manager

Martin Brook lists.martin at brookfamily.org.uk
Mon Feb 12 09:28:15 GMT 2007

Many thanks Michael. That worked perfectly. (I think when I tried this
previously I didn't delete browse.dat, and I don't think the lack of a
properly working root account in samba was helping much either).

If I could ask one more question - I've noticed that, in the SAM
database, the account flags W and S for the two servers' machine
accounts are the wrong way round.


# pdbedit -Lv BIGSERVER$
Unix username:        BIGSERVER$
NT username:          BIGSERVER$
Account Flags:        [W          ]
# pdbedit -Lv LITTLESERVER$
Unix username:        LITTLESERVER$
NT username:          LITTLESERVER$
Account Flags:        [S          ]

shouldn't these be the other way round? according to the manpage:

W: Workstation Trust Account
S: Server Trust Account

I suppose they are swapped because that was how they were when the
accounts were migrated.

I tried editing the flags with pdbedit but that's not allowed. I tried
deleting and recreating the machine accounts but was unable to
recreate them (so I restored the .tdb files from backup).

Does it even matter, since everything is working now?


On 2/11/07, Michael Gasch <gasch at eva.mpg.de> wrote:
> hi again,
> > 2. I somehow need to rename the server back to BIGSERVER, but I'm not
> > sure how to do this without breaking things again.
> assuming you have a small net work w/ only one DC (samba) and no trusts
>     this should be no problem.
> - stop all samba processes on the PDC. rename it in smb.conf.
> - make sure that there's no hostname entry in any configfile on your
> samba DC that points to LITTLESERVER (e.g. you could grep for it 'grep
> -ir LITTLESERVER /etc/*' - everything should be BIGSERVER otherwise this
> could lead to inconsistencies)
> - delete browse.dat and wins.dat
> - start nmbd
> - on another linux system do the following:
>         - nmblookup -M YOURDOMAIN
>         - nmblookup YOURDOMAIN#1b
>         - nmblookup YOURDOMAIN#1c
> this should always list your samba server (at least after 1 minute).
> you can also force samba to be the local master in your network (inkl.
> preferred master). then start smbd.
> micha

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