[Samba] PDC appears to be BDC in server manager

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Sun Feb 11 21:35:25 GMT 2007

hi again,

> 2. I somehow need to rename the server back to BIGSERVER, but I'm not
> sure how to do this without breaking things again.

assuming you have a small net work w/ only one DC (samba) and no trusts 
    this should be no problem.

- stop all samba processes on the PDC. rename it in smb.conf.
- make sure that there's no hostname entry in any configfile on your 
samba DC that points to LITTLESERVER (e.g. you could grep for it 'grep 
-ir LITTLESERVER /etc/*' - everything should be BIGSERVER otherwise this 
could lead to inconsistencies)

- delete browse.dat and wins.dat
- start nmbd
- on another linux system do the following:
	- nmblookup -M YOURDOMAIN
	- nmblookup YOURDOMAIN#1b
	- nmblookup YOURDOMAIN#1c

this should always list your samba server (at least after 1 minute).
you can also force samba to be the local master in your network (inkl. 
preferred master). then start smbd.


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