[Samba] Joining a SAMBA 4 TP4 Active Directory with WinXP

Tim Boneko lists at boneko.de
Sun Feb 11 16:48:34 GMT 2007

Mag. Leonhard Landrock schrieb:

> *) smbclient //localhost/test -Uadministrator%k6exst

Did this part succeed? I.e. did you get a prompt?

> *) Start a virtual machine with WinXP SP2 and trying to join the domain 

Might all this virtualisation be a bit too much? Maybe you can check
with a real client. After all, i didn't run any VMs lately and don't
know much about that.

> NOTE: I have an german WinXP and I'am not sure what the right username for 
> joining the domain would be. I even tried "root" as usernam, but htat didn't 
> work either.

To join with user "root", you have to set up the samba password for root
(at least in samba < 4)

> Is it possible to join the Domain "LEOSENDE.FUN"?

Does the documentation of the package say anything about it?
The STATUS and README file are mentioned on the samba website.


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