[Samba] cygwin and linux permissions?

Tim Boneko lists at boneko.de
Fri Feb 9 16:15:38 GMT 2007

mikee schrieb:

>> On linux if I 'chmod 0600 $file' and then 'ls -l $file' on windows the
>> file permissions still show 0644. No change, like the file permissions ar
>> cached somewhere.

I had the very same problem during the last weeks. I kept trying and
testing and in the end i finally had working ACLs (hooray!), but this
didn't help. I created a file from Windows and set the permissions
really restrictive (like "0600", no access to anyone but me). OpenSSH
still complained.

My "solution": Putty. Runs perfectly now. Make sure to download the
puttygen packet if you want to use your existing ssh keys - the program
converts them to .ppk keys used in putty. Couldn't find any downsides
except for the key conversion.


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