[Samba] [Summary] Bugzilla Day, Feb 8

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Feb 9 14:10:29 GMT 2007

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I've posted a short summary of the bug bash from yesterday
at http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Bugzilla_Day#8_Feb_2007.
I've also updated the suggested patches for 3.0.24 at
http://www.samba.org/samba/patches/.  All of these are fixes
for problems with Vista clients.

If you want all the patches, it is probably easiest just
to use quilt as described on the patches page.  The
fetch-patches script will pull all the patches for a
given version (currently only 3.0.24 but the same patches
should apply to 3.0.23d as well).

Thanks to all who helped out with debugging, testing, and
reporting issues.  We'll do this again in a couple of weeks
as soon as I check around and see what works best for
most people.  Right now I'm looking at Feb 22, 6am - 6pm
Pacific Standard Time US (GMT - 8).  But that is just tentative
at the moment.  I'll update the wiki page at
http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Bugzilla_Day once we have
a solid time and date.

cheers, jerry
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