[Samba] cygwin and linux permissions?

mikee mikee at mikee.ath.cx
Thu Feb 8 17:58:08 GMT 2007

I have a linux box (FC5) with samba 3.0.23c and most things are running fine.                                    
Today I'm setting up cygwin on a windows box so a user can ssh into the                                          
box. I figure out how to have cygwin authenticate using the samba PDC. The                                       
user gets the linux home directory that has been exported to windows H:\                                         
across samba. Now the user is trying to ssh back to a different unix box and                                     
ssh is complaining about file permissions. I track this back to samba in                                         
that the permissions seem odd.                                                                                   
On linux I 'touch howard' and the file has permissions 0644, fine. On                                            
cygin and windows this file also has 0644, fine. On cygwin/windows Ichmod                                        
0600 $file' and 'ls -l $file' and the file still shows 0644 and no errors.                                       
On linux if I 'chmod 0600 $file' and then 'ls -l $file' on windows the                                           
file permissions still show 0644. No change, like the file permissions ar                                        
cached somewhere.                                                                                                

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