[Samba] Howto setup printing with Windows XP Clients, Cups and samba..

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Thu Feb 8 15:14:33 GMT 2007


That's really not the way you should do this.

Try this:
1st Check your permissions :
Enter on your windows client: Start->Run-> \\<server>\print$

(Note the $)
You should see at least the W32X86 folder you previously created in the 
driver section of your Samba server.

Try to add a new folder - or (if exists) change into W32X86\3 and create
a file (or folder) *from your windows client*.
If this fails - you have a permission problem and have to solve it first.

2nd Install your driver:
- Enter on your windows client: Start->Run-> \\<server>
- Change into the "Printers and Faxes" folder
- Right click -> Server Properties
- Middle tab "Drivers"
- Click "Add" and follow the instructions

3rd Assign your driver:

- In the "printers and faxes" folder right-click on a printer
- Select Properties
- Tab "Advanced"
- Select the driver from the drop down box
- Ok

Your done.
Most problems with permissions will be caused because of the unix rights 
of your driver directories.
You could try to "chmod 0777" them all "e.g. /var/drivers 
/var/driver/W32X86 ..."

Hope that helps,


stephen mulcahy schrieb:
> Hi,
> I (unsuccessfully) tried to set this up about 12 months ago. To get the
> printer drivers I downloaded them from the printer vendor, extracted the
> downloaded driver package (or ran it to install them) and then copied
> the resulting files to the server. This seemed to work ok but I tripped
> over permissions problems (possibly because at the time the print server
> wasn't functioning as a pdc).
> Not sure if that helps though.
> -stephen
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