[Samba] WERR_ACCESS_DENIED trying to set printer driver in samba-3.0.23d

Lutieri G. lutierigbtrabalho at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 10:26:52 GMT 2007

2007/2/5, John Drescher <drescherjm at gmail.com>:
> I am having problems getting Pont and Print to work with
> samba-3.0.23d, cups and ldap.
> I used an XP box to install the windows drivers on the samba server by
> adding the drivers in the "Printers and Faxes" section (using the
> server properties tab) for the samba server. This part worked fine but
> when I want to associate the driver to the printer I get an access
> denied in windows and in linux when I try to do the same I get this
> error:
> fileserver # rpcclient -U RADIMG\\root -c 'setdriver HP-2100 "HP
> LaserJet 2100"' FILESERVER  Password:
> Connecting to host=FILESERVER
> Connecting to at port 445
> Doing spnego session setup (blob length=58)
> got OID=1 3 6 1 4 1 311 2 2 10
> got principal=NONE
> Got challenge flags:
> Got NTLMSSP neg_flags=0x60890215
> NTLMSSP: Set final flags:
> Got NTLMSSP neg_flags=0x60080215
> NTLMSSP Sign/Seal - Initialising with flags:
> Got NTLMSSP neg_flags=0x60080215
> rpc_pipe_bind: Remote machine FILESERVER pipe \lsarpc fnum 0x7352 bind
> request returned ok.
> lsa_io_sec_qos: length c does not match size 8
> rpc_pipe_bind: Remote machine FILESERVER pipe \spoolss fnum 0x7353
> bind request returned ok.
> SetPrinter call failed!


I had this problem too...

you need to set rights to your user.

This command set rights of print operator to user john:

net -U root -S localhost rpc rights grant john SePrintOperatorPrivilege

after, check the permissions with this:

net -U root -S localhost rpc rights list john

If you need more information take a look at:


Lutieri G. B.

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