[Samba] Cannot change case of existing file names

Jordan Russell jr-list-2007 at quo.to
Tue Feb 6 03:33:35 GMT 2007

Server OS: Linux / Fedora Core 6
Samba version: 3.0.24, 3.0.23 (binary packages for FC6)
Samba configuration: All defaults
Client OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4

In recent versions of Samba (including 3.0.24), attempting to rename a
file to a new name that differs only in case appears to have no effect:

X:\tmp>echo . > FILE.txt

02/05/2007  08:21p                   4 FILE.txt

X:\tmp>ren FILE.txt file.txt

02/05/2007  08:21p                   4 FILE.txt

I'm pretty sure this worked in older versions.
Any ideas?


Jordan Russell

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