[Samba] Trusted domains?

Anton Solovyev anton at solovyev.com
Tue Feb 6 02:23:40 GMT 2007


I am having a problem with "security = domain" and users trying to log in from 
trusted AD domains.

I was wondering if I can get some more information here on how it is actually 
supposed to work.

Does Samba need to talk directly to the controller of the trusted domain? That 
sort of thing. I can't find a good explanation in the standard documentation.

I see in the logs that Samba server is unable to find trusted domain information 
and maps the user from trusted domain to a local one. How is the trusted domain 
list normally populated?

Please note that there's no "security = ADS" or winbindd in the picture. All the 
AD domains are related by the implicit AD trusts since they are in the same 
domain tree.

I remember this working fine with versions 2.x.x, but it may have involved 
explicit trusts between AD domains.


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