[Samba] Samba v3.0.23a BROKE my network

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> Mega Munch
> Here's the problem:  Ideally in a production environment you set 
> up a sandbox and test new stuff extensively before committing it. 
>  But on days when you want to put your face down on the 
> photocopier and hit 10
> copies to keep up with everything, this just doesn't happen. 
> It's supposed to be rolled out yesterday.
> Here's my take with upgrades:
> (This is the, "What the hell, give it your best shot" upgrade 
> technique.)
> 1.  Use ./configure to help.  Keep the configuration OUTSIDE the 
> package tree.
> With samba in particular if there isn't a copy of a conf file, it
> creates a default one.  With major changes you may want that 
> default one.
> 2.  I  configure to use /opt/samba.
> But /opt/samba is a symlink to /opt/samba-2.2.8a
> 3.  Do my make.  Once that seems to work...
> 4.  mkdir /opt/samba/3.0.23a;  rm /opt/samba/ ;
> ln -s /opt/samba/3.023a /opt/samba;
> make install
> 5.  This is best done at a time when the network isn't 
> particularly busy
> with samba attach/detach, as the old daemon calling the new one
> sometimes causes odd things to happen.
> 6.  Now if things break, all you do is switch the link back to 
> the old version,
> and killall running copies. The switch back can be done in a few
> seconds.  

And...........Never forget: "make revert" is your friend.........

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