[Samba] Samba v3.0.23a BROKE my network

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Thu Feb 1 18:11:21 GMT 2007

Mega Munch

Here's the problem:  Ideally in a production environment you set 
up a sandbox and test new stuff extensively before committing it. 
  But on days when you want to put your face down on the 
photocopier and hit 10
copies to keep up with everything, this just doesn't happen. 
It's supposed to be rolled out yesterday.

Here's my take with upgrades:

(This is the, "What the hell, give it your best shot" upgrade 

1.  Use ./configure to help.  Keep the configuration OUTSIDE the 
package tree.
With samba in particular if there isn't a copy of a conf file, it
creates a default one.  With major changes you may want that 
default one.

2.  I  configure to use /opt/samba.
But /opt/samba is a symlink to /opt/samba-2.2.8a

3.  Do my make.  Once that seems to work...

4.  mkdir /opt/samba/3.0.23a;  rm /opt/samba/ ;
ln -s /opt/samba/3.023a /opt/samba;
make install

5.  This is best done at a time when the network isn't 
particularly busy
with samba attach/detach, as the old daemon calling the new one
sometimes causes odd things to happen.

6.  Now if things break, all you do is switch the link back to 
the old version,
and killall running copies. The switch back can be done in a few
seconds.  Usually it takes me longer to find a terminal window 
onto that
server than to make the change.

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