[Samba] Vista can't use samba hosted printer drivers

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Thu Feb 1 16:11:53 GMT 2007

Hello all!

I'm still not shure about the reason, but perhaps someone become an idea:

I think, the issue has something to do with the ChangeID of the printer.
I can reproduce the following behaviour:

1. Trying to make a clean install from Vista fails with thid "invalid 
paramenter" error (0x00000057)
2. If I change a registry value of this printer remotely from a 
different machine (XP client) => Vista installs the printer after that!
3. Now I change some default printer settings from the XP client (= set 
the devicemode) => 50-70% chance, that Vista will no longer install this 
printer from samba.
4. If I change some registry values again => installation succeeds.

I've seen strange ChangeId values (e.g. 0x7de4133e). Don't know where 
they are from.

Anyone, who sees a light with this information?



Pim Zandbergen schrieb:
> Is anyone else seeing Vista (final) will not "connect" to a samba-hosted
> printer? I'm getting error 0x00000057. I can connect to the port only
> and install a local driver, though. It's just that the drivers will not 
> load
> correctly. The drivers do load partly, because I can see driver-specific
> attributes if I go to "Properties" rather than "Connect". But a test print
> from there fails also.
> Samba server: Fedora Core 6 i386, samba-3.0.23c-2
> Vista client, Vista Business (32-bit) final
> Printer: HP LaserJet 4000 PCL6, driver from XP SP2.
> The same printer served from a Windows 2003 server
> will connect just fine to a Vista client.
> Vista will connect to samba shared directories just fine.
> Any ideas?
> Pim

Martin Zielinski             mz at seh.de
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