[Samba] ENOATTR and extended attributes

Jens Nissen jens.nissen at gmx.net
Thu Feb 1 16:03:32 GMT 2007

I found a lot of stuff about ENOATTR. Can somebody point me to the
correct way of handling ENOATTR with Samba 3.0.23d?

To start with: I have trouble getting "smbtorture EATEST" to work.

smbtorture assumes in limsbclient.h that unless ENOATTR is defined,
ENOATTTR should be ENOENT (which is defined to be 2 in

My ext3-ATTR(attr-2.4.32 + patches 0.8.73 I think it was) implementation
does something similar: in absence of ENOATTR it returns ENODATA (which
is 61).

posix_acls.c and other smbd-components do something similar wrong (using
ENOSYS which is 38).

How do I fix the inconsistency best:
- Patch Samba smbd and torture?
- Patch linux/errno.h and recompile everything? What value should
ENOATTR have in this case?
- Patch attr-2.4 manually?

Kind regards,


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