[Samba] Congratulations

Vitaly Protsko villy at sft.ru
Fri Dec 21 13:45:15 GMT 2007


+1 !


> I'm sure I speak for the entire community when I offer my heartiest 
> congratulations to the Protocol Freedom Information 
> Foundation and the Samba 
> team for new agreement with Microsoft giving them, and other 
> FOSS programs, 
> access to data on how the Windows operating system works!  
> The Samba team has 
> gutted it through over the past several years to provide an 
> essential tool 
> for our work.  Now, their jobs will hopefully be a bit 
> easier, and will allow 
> for the creation of an even better Samba.
> Once again, kudos, and the very best of the holiday season.
> Dimitri

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