[Samba] Samba PDC with Terminal services

Stuart Gall stuart at otenet.gr
Tue Dec 18 07:50:02 GMT 2007

I have a network using samba as the PDC. There are a number of XP  
clients but no windows servers.
We want to setup remote desktops between some of the clients.

Now if I add a user to the local remote desktop group, enable remote  
admin, and then logon (from another machine) using the ip address I  
can get a remote desktop session.

However the browse for machine facility does not work, it says there  
is no terminal server in the domain.

I have spent alot of time searching I gave found many ways of doing  
terminal service type things with samba, but not my specific problem.
All I want the samba PDC to do is some how produce the browse list of  
terminal service enabled clients, and then allow domain logons to  
those clients. This is just between the windows XP client machines.

Is this possible ?

Stuart Gall

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