[Samba] errors when copying large directories to/from samba/windows

Andreas Baitis abaitis at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 02:12:03 GMT 2007


I'm having trouble with Samba, when I copy large complex directories to 
my Samba server, the target doesn't match the source, some files seem to 
be missing.

*Stats on source(windows client) are:*

Size: 4.99 GB (5,367,477,260 bytes)

Size on disk: 5.00 GB (5,376,487,424 bytes)

Contains: 4,481 files, 281 folders

*Stats on target(Samba server) are:*

Size: 4.92 GB (5,286,067,654 bytes)

Size on disk: 4.92 GB (5,287,628,800 bytes)

Contains: 3,733 files, 281 folders

I'm thinking it might have something to do with Windows/Linux filename 
or path length incompatibility.

What Samba settings should I set to ensure this doesn't happen, and are 
there any limitations one has to adhere to with regard Windows path 
length or filename format in order to ensure directories and files are 
copied properly?

The problem happens from both XP and Vista clients, the Samba server is 
standard Debian etch. Samba 3.0.24

Thanks in advance for any help.

Andreas B.

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