[Samba] samba 3.0.26a and dropboxes

Valerio Daelli valerio.daelli at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 14:55:33 GMT 2007


we have two fileserver based on FreeBSD:
-'old' based on FreeBSD 5.4 with samba 3.0.14a
-'new' based on FreeBSD 6.2 with samba 3.0.26a
both samba are built from ports.
We are migrating from 'old' to 'new'.
But we found a problem.
We have some 'group dropboxes' on both servers: these are unix
directories with permission 7773.
The 'sender' (he who copies the file) has write permission on the
dropbox (the final '3' in the permission)
but does not have read permission.
The receiver has both read and write permission.
The purpose of these dropboxes is to give users the chance of
receiving files in a 'private' share.
These dropboxes are configured identically on both servers:

  comment = Groups drop boxes
  path = "/Groups/DropboxGroups"
  read only = no
  writeable = yes
  browseable = yes
  create mask = 0666
  directory mask = 0777
  force create mode = 0666
  force directory mode = 0777

These dropboxes are working well on samba 3.0.14a but not on samba 3.0.26a.
We have read the logs on samba 3.0.26a and we have discovered that:

[2007/12/12 14:40:32, 5] smbd/filename.c:unix_convert(147)
  unix_convert called on file "a-advb/Sunset.jpg"
[2007/12/12 14:40:32, 5] smbd/filename.c:unix_convert(246)
  unix_convert begin: name = a-advb/Sunset.jpg, dirpath = a-advb,
start = Sunset.jpg
[2007/12/12 14:40:32, 5] smbd/dir.c:OpenDir(1079)
  OpenDir: Can't open a-advb. Permission denied
[2007/12/12 14:40:32, 3] smbd/filename.c:scan_directory(586)
  scan dir didn't open dir [a-advb]
[2007/12/12 14:40:32, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet_set(106)
  error packet at smbd/trans2.c(3273) cmd=50 (SMBtrans2) NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

where a-avdb is the directory of the dropbox of the group a-avdb and
Sunset.jpg is the name of the
file we tried to copy.
We  would like to know:
-why between samba 3.0.14a and samba 3.0.26a was introduced the code
of OpenDir and scan_directory?
-is there any easy workaround for it?

Thanks a lot for your preacious help

Valerio Daelli

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