[Samba] Not able to see files on Win XP (service pack 2)

~ Kunal Sharma ~ koolkunal at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 13:52:14 GMT 2007

Hello friends,

I'm a newbie on this list and this is my first message here. I'm not new to
I've been using the standard stuff that comes with Fedora and RH distros. I
do configurations through the GUI and haven't really edited the
till now that is !

During the course of my work, I was recently faced with the need to
integrate Samba
into our working software. This is a small Linux based ADSL modem/router
running a
2.6 kernel. I need the ability to share some flash file-system folders and a
attached storage device over the network. The obvious choice is Samba. So, I
Samba 3.0.27, configured and built it on a native host first and tested it
to work fine. But the size was too big to fit on the target platform. So, I
back to 2.0.0 version. I integrated it with our software, tweaked and was
able to run it. I did use the default config file and added my share info.

I use a share [tmp] which is a directory on the FFS and has some files. When
I access
this share on my Windows XP, from the Start->Run (\\\tmp), the
window opens, But -
1) I can't see any files.
2) If I try to create a new folder or a text file, I get an error but when I
go back
to my platform I can see that a folder or empty file was created there.

On my native linux, I see the same problems !!! (and 3.0.27 was fine)

My smb.conf is pasted below this mail.

I've already tried a lot of configuration options after going through
several such user
experiences over the web without success.Any suggestions as to what the
problem could be
or how I can achieve what I'm trying to would be really appreciated.


my smb.conf

#======================= Global Settings

# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field
   server string = Samba Server

# Uncomment this if you want a guest account, you must add this to
# otherwise the user "nobody" is used
   guest account = root
   guest ok = yes
   security = share
   default = tmp

# Put a capping on the size of the log files (in Kb).
   max log size = 5

# Most people will find that this option gives better performance.
# See speed.txt and the manual pages for details
   socket options = TCP_NODELAY

# Configure Samba to use multiple interfaces
# If you have multiple network interfaces then you must list them
# here. See the man page for details.
    interfaces =
    bind interfaces only = true

# DNS Proxy - tells Samba whether or not to try to resolve NetBIOS names
# via DNS nslookups. The built-in default for versions 1.9.17 is yes,
# this has been changed in version 1.9.18 to no.
   dns proxy = no

#============================ Share Definitions
#   comment = Home Directories
#   browseable = no
#   writable = yes

# This one is useful for people to share files
   comment = USB Share
   path = /var/usb_mount
   readonly = no
   guest ok = yes
   browseable = yes

   comment = Temporary File Share
   path = /var/tmp
   readonly = no
   guest ok = yes
   browseable = yes

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