[Samba] Recycle VFS

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Mon Dec 10 20:28:56 GMT 2007

> 2.  Can you map all recycle-bins to a central share called [trash]?  I
> have
> tried this but it results in root only privileges to the share.
I have placed a symbolic link called .recycle in the root folder of all my
shares, all pointing to the same location on my server: /recycle

All deleted files end-up in that /recycle directory, with the _original_
permissions. (so I see nothing root only in my setup)

If you would export this directory again with samba, I guess users would
be able to undelete their own files themselves.

Anyway, the difference is maybe that I do NOT use smb.conf for
permissions, but instead apply permissions on the filesystem. My main
samba shares are exported without restrictions.

Hope that helps?

Mourik Jan

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