[Samba] scannedonly samba anti-virus vfs module

Olivier Sessink lists at olivier.pk.wau.nl
Mon Dec 10 17:54:46 GMT 2007

forgot to hit 'reply all', this time post to the list:

Jeremy Allison wrote:
>> Scannedonly is a samba VFS module that ensures that only files that have
>> been scanned for viruses are visible and accessible to the end user.
>> More information can be found at http://olivier.sessink.nl/scannedonly/
> Congratulations and thanks for this ! I'd like to make sure
> this is kept in sync as we have to make changes to the Samba
> VFS going forward to add more features (NT Streams etc.).
> What is the best way to keep you informed as we modify the
> VFS layer ?

I was hoping that somewhere in the future the vfs module part of the
code could be included in the samba source. I'm not sure what the
requirements are for that. But it would make things very easy for
end-users (end-administrators). Compiling the vfs module is right
now a bit of a hassle for users that don't compile samba from source


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