[Samba] scannedonly samba anti-virus vfs module

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Sun Dec 9 19:05:07 GMT 2007

On Sun, Dec 09, 2007 at 11:28:36AM +0100, Olivier Sessink wrote:
> Dear all,
> this is the first public announcement of scannedonly.
> Scannedonly is a samba VFS module that ensures that only files that have
> been scanned for viruses are visible and accessible to the end user.
> Scannedonly was developed because of scalability problems with
> samba-vscan: high server loads when (the same) files were requested
> often, and timeouts when large zip files were requested.
> Scannedonly comes in two parts: a samba vfs module and (one or more)
> daemons. The daemon scans files. If a certain file is clean, a second
> file is created with prefix .scanned:. The samba module simply looks if
> such a .scanned: file exists, and is newer than the pertinent file. If
> this is the case, the file is shown to the user. If this is not the
> case, the file is not returned in any directory listing, and cannot be
> opened. The samba vfs module will also tell the daemon to scan this file.
> More information can be found at http://olivier.sessink.nl/scannedonly/

Congratulations and thanks for this ! I'd like to make sure
this is kept in sync as we have to make changes to the Samba
VFS going forward to add more features (NT Streams etc.).

What is the best way to keep you informed as we modify the
VFS layer ?


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