[Samba] getent passwd not adding users

Nathan VanHoudnos vanhoudn at uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 7 21:05:21 GMT 2007

(forgot to copy list) 

> Thanks Nathan. Perhaps I misspoke. My understanding is that if winbind
> is configured correctly, if I issue 'getent passwd' then I should see
> local and domain users listed. I only see local users and my windbindd
> log has the aforementioned errors. 

Yes, that's true. I noticed that your config file has 
  security = domain
If you change that to 
  security = ads 
It might work. I don't know, I'm not a samba expert! 

The other thing I might try is to change your winbind seperator from /
to +. Perhaps getent can't handle / in a username, but why it would give
you that winbind error, I don't know. I do know, however, that + works. 

The other thing your error message makes me think of is the service
account that you may or may not have set as windbind's authorized user.
But, that wouldn't make much sense, since you reported that wbinfo -u
and wbinfo -g work well. To check it, try:
  wbinfo --get-auth-user 

One thing though, that will echo your service accounts password to the
screen in plain text. So, you have to run it as root, and you have to be
careful who's behind you. 



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