[Samba] getent passwd not adding users

Jamie Gordon jgordon at wideorbit.com
Fri Dec 7 20:49:10 GMT 2007

Thanks Nathan. Perhaps I misspoke. My understanding is that if winbind
is configured correctly, if I issue 'getent passwd' then I should see
local and domain users listed. I only see local users and my windbindd
log has the aforementioned errors. 

Jamie Gordon
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jgordon at wideorbit.com

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> wbinfo -u and wbinfo-g work well, returning a list of users and
> However, when I issue 'getent passwd' my winbind log 
> (/var/log/samba/winbindd.log) shows a long list of the following and
> users are added to the passwd db; 

Perhaps I misunderstand you, but getent is a query tool, not something
that you use to add entries to /etc/passwd or /etc/group. 

If you wanted to use it to add entries, you'd need to do something like:
  getent passwd | grep "YOURDOMAIN+" >> /etc/passwd

But, then that would defeat the purpose of using winbind anyway. 

Hope this helps,

Nathan VanHoudnos

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