[Samba] ADS Users + Permissions...

Michael Fernández M. michael at michael.cl
Fri Dec 7 15:03:23 GMT 2007


After a while, i have working ADS + Samba, I can set permissions, and
everithing works great....

But (yes, always there is a "but"), after reboot the computer with
samba, when I saw  the share`s permissions via Windows it  does not show
the user in the way:


it shows the users in the following way:

501 (Unix User\501)
502 (Unix User\502)

however i can add more users to a share and i see they in the right
way.. until reboot the computer

Samba version: 3.0.24-6etch4
Windows version: Windows Server 2003  (Standard Edition)

Someone can tell me why is this?, or the way to fix it?.... it would be

Thanks a lot for any answer!!!!!


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