[Samba] Does anyone know why sometimes a PDC appears in the Network neigborhood, and sometimes it doesn't?

joop gerritse jjge at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 5 18:10:44 GMT 2007

The subject says it all, I think. At home I have a PDC (Linux with Samba), and 
I have Win98 and Win 95(!) clients. And sometimes the domain name (workgroup 
name) is visble in the Network neigborhood, and sometimes it is not. I also 
got the impression that placing a link in the file NETHOOD makes a 
difference, but I am not sure yet. The PDC is visible, that is, it can be 
PINGed, I can connect to the shares, I can even login to it, but nothing 
shows up in the Network Neighborhood, and if I click on the Whole network 
icon, I get an empty network displayed.

J.J. Gerritse
Mühlenstraße 11
D-47546 Kalkar-Wissel

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